You can be your own Boss



To be your own boss is something I have always wanted for myself. For me, it was the freedom that came with it, the ability to grow something that belongs to me gave me a sense of accomplishment. 

Entrepreneurship is something many consider but few act on. Oftentimes, we carry out the idea of being an entrepreneur without the correct information needed to ensure it will be a successful journey.

Start a business it is what we hear, but who’s educating us on the process. Entrepreneurship is more than creating an LLC and receiving praises from our friends and family on social media.  Although it is great to have friends and family who acknowledge us for our accomplishments; Those people that aren’t ready will feel the consequences. That announcement is certainly not meant to dissuade you, but to tell you.

Things to consider

Before starting your business consume as much information(pertaining to the business) as you possibly can.  It will become useful on your journey.  Create a system that makes delegating easier. A team is built with other members and each member has to be made aware of this position. Put in place training for each member, so they can also be strengthened in their field of work.

Understand they’re an investment as well and it’s important to build them as they help in building the business.  When you win make sure to celebrate with the team because without the members there’s no team. As much as you possibly can create a healthy working environment for them. Communicate any issues and make an attempt to correct them as soon as possible.

Questions for you

 Do you have in mind what type of business you want to create? Do you have the finances for the startup? Are you a well-organized individual? Have you educated yourself in the field of business you’re interested in? Do you have a particular CPA in mind? Who will manage your business for or with you? What will be your hours of operation? Who do you have in mind to do your taxes? Sounds like a lot of work and preparation right, but only if one person is attempting to do all these things alone. Do you now see the importance of a strong team?

The instant that you believe that you can certainly do all of it in your you may realize something got overlooked and that section of one’s business will undergo as a result of not enough attention. You will not be able to play every role that will allow your business to function properly.  Decide the type of individuals you would like to fill each position with.

Invest in individuals who are motivated,  and care to see your vision manifest into a prosperous establishment.  If you are seriously considering starting your business, I say go for it!  You definitely can do it with the correct preparation.

Continue to invest in you with information/books and it will show in your business as well. You can do it, and it is worth every minute of studying.  Don’t allow fear or others to rob you of your ideas. You may not have the support from those close to you as you would like, but don’t let that stop you. It’s a reason you have made it this far in reading this. You’re determined, and it’s going to pay off in a big way.

Imagine how it’s going to sense as though everybody who doubted you shortly realizes you’re correct in desiring to pursue your thoughts. You have a purpose, you’re not ok with the bare minimum in life, and you want to create something for yourself and your family.  Create the life you want.


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