Suffering From Success

Suffering From Success

Suffering From Success

Suffering From Success has a clear meaning in it, but this meaning has different shapes. At this time, most people are sufferers of success, some are being suffered after a successful life and others are being after an unsuccessful life.

Men have a grand business, branded car, big house, beautiful wife and family but he has no time for enjoying all these things then he is never a successful person  he just suffers from success…”

“success comes with stress, and happiness”

There are many examples of people who are discomfort with their progress.

In this way, you never know that people like you because of your status or your personality. When you don’t know your wife loves you or your money. you must realize that money cannot buy pleasure.

Everything has “cons” and “pross”, even being successful.

Suffering From Success: Leadership Responsibilities

A leader of any country or a hero has no concealment. He never goes outside for a coffee. A leader never enjoys weather alone due to his security issues. Leader don’t play games. He never visits the market. A person gives his 99% time over a week to running his businesses but he has not a single hour to enjoy the fruits of these businesses. In your office, maybe your employees don’t like you or your behavior but they just respect you because of their jobs, so you are not a successful person. If you have no time for the tour then why do you buy an Audi…

Some youngers start their business and do good work for their first project and the response is also good. But in the next project, they apply the same strategy but they got failed.

Sometimes failing is good because you learn to be careful and protect yourself from crashes. The same thing is that you start a business and do more work for success. You can grow your and excess business well, at this time your staff control all your work and you become lazy and don’t do the same struggle again in life.

Bad habits are formed during the boom times that are difficult to left.

Rules For Being a Successful Person

Always remember that every person has the capabilities of win or progress. Some people try again and again but they did not get success. They think that they are not able for this and some blame their luck that they are not lucky. But the reason is else, on every step of failure you must learn something from your experiments. This thing gives you a signal for never go on this way. People who continue their travel with a slow drive can get their success.

The real success is, that gives you happiness. If you get thousands of money from their business but it can not give you peace and happiness it is not a successful business. When you work hard with happiness and peace you never feel tired or interested in it.

When you keep winning you can face large and large risks because you are used to the reward.  If you win by accident even if you never try for this or if it causes someone other to suffer as a result

Suffering From Success: People Hate Successful Persons

People indeed hate successful persons due to their behavior, mood, and way to talk. These persons feel like a king and all others are their workers and ordered them badly.

people are too lazy to get success in life, even if handed on a golden platter.

Hard work makes my business successful and this business success makes me lazy. Now my all work do my employees and I cant do my work hard.

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