Spiritual Motivation

Spiritual Motivation

Spiritual Motivation

Spiritual motivation appears to be tough to return by these days. Pandemics threatening our very manner of life, lots of us are clinging to feel-exact comfort, to get by. But there may be no extra essential time than now to spend money on our spiritual practice.

The thoughts are everything. What you suspect you grow to be. Filling your thoughts with negative things causes failure, think about yourself for a huge success, and that’s what you grow to be. Your mind decides your stance, and in the end what you grow to be.

Positive Thoughts

To be healthful with both thoughts and body, you want to accept the past. Fear much less for the next day, and enjoy the existing moments discreetly. Speak less, exercise more, and try to forgive everyone because anger can harm you only. Instead, do what you are good and excellent at while getting away from negative thoughts. Shower yourself with kindness, whether you love the world.

Why Spiritual Motivation Is Important?

Fry incorporated spirituality, a long-neglected appearance, into management plans and eventually came up with the concept of spiritual motivation, which highlights the intrinsic motivation of ourselves and others through values, attitudes, and behaviors.

Conceptually, spiritual motivation includes three main components, vision, hope/faith, and selfless love, as leader values, attitudes, and behaviors respectively.


Vision refers to a meaningful future, which gives employees a sense of self-worth and living purpose in life.


Hope / Faith reflects the leader’s confidence in the feasibility of the vision. The high levels of which can inspire juniors to fulfill the organizational mission.

Selfless Love

Selfless love displays a range of leadership behaviors that value mutual care and respect and produce a sense of understanding and affection on the part of the organization members, based on which a supportive organizational culture is likely.

Vision Of Spiritual Motivation

The vision of the spiritual motivation gives essential meaning to life and is spiritually rooted when workers have a sense of hope/faith that the shared vision will commit them to achieve their future goals. At best, this sentiment is the inherent reward for workers by creating strong views and encouraging the race of significant organizational concepts.


Since the relative advantage of an organization lies in completing the assigned task, achieving knowledge, and implementing new ideas, research should identify ways to inherently inspire the job performance of employees, knowledge sharing behaviors, and innovation behaviors. This study addresses challenges and illustrates the effective activation of the motivation process by which spiritual motivators achieve such results. By extending the concept of Western leadership to the Chinese context, we have suggested that spiritual motivators positively improve important individual organizational behaviors. The study results show that spirituality motivators are an important resource for intrinsically boosting employee job performance, knowledge sharing behaviors, and the prospect of innovation behaviors in Chinese culture.

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