An Introduction To Entrepreneurship: Don’t Sink The Ship

This book is an introduction to entrepreneurship, and its approach is resolutely interdisciplinary. Its objective is to present to the reader the different aspects of the entrepreneurial process and demystify it. At the end of its reading, students will have acquired and developed the tools of analysis and reflection to understand the importance of entrepreneurship and its processes. It is divided into five main parts: the framework, the approach, the methods, and the evolution of the activity and, finally, the different facets of entrepreneurship. It is aimed at an audience of students in the human sciences, exact and applied, and anyone wishing to understand entrepreneurship better. It has been designed for diverse audiences and does not require any prerequisites.Entrepreneurship is seen as a means to improve a country’s competitiveness, foster economic growth, and increase employment opportunities. Researchers and decision-makers agree that an entrepreneurial economy is a dynamic and an innovative economy that is to say who experiment with new ideas, new products, or processes, which allow it to renew itself.

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