Healing Power Of Positive Self Talk

Positive self talk

Have you ever encountered being in a situation where you are completely sure about something and really excited to go for it when someone says something that dulls your sparkle? That is the very moment where you lose all the interest and charm. Not only that, one negative or demotivating compliment leads you from one to another baseless assumption your mind has made.

This is where you need to stop!

The way people talk to you has a gradual and everlasting impact on your confidence. By people, I mean people and YOU. It is not always the faith we have in ourselves that shatters but it brings out all the other fears, triggered by others, situations, and our own thinking.

You need to break that cycle. Self-talk; if we are capable of getting into negative self-talk then why not positive. Mind switching is important to get on going with a healthy self-talking session as you may not realize but these inner voices are always there. No matter what we are doing, good or bad, there is always an inner voice that keeps telling us how we feel about it, should we do it, is it right or wrong? Even if you are having these thoughts, congratulations, you are a living being – and this is what it takes.

Being alive, breathing!

Let’s just give you something to talk to yourself about. Do you think the world you live in deserves even a bit of your energy that does not contemplate your growth? Do you deserve to be anything less than who you really are? There is no need to put limits on you. When your creator, GOD ALMIGHTY, has sent you into this world with free will, you think there is anyone or there can be anyone who could take that from you.

Everything from what you think to what you do is your free will. It is your right. This world is yours, the universe is as much yours as anyone else – and when people are living their best lives and do not need validation from you or anyone, then why do you. Positive self-talk

Practicing self-talk helped me regain my confidence. It made me more aware of who I am, what bothers me, and how can I be better as a human, as a

person, ME. Self-talk may not seem easy at first, but hey! Look at me. Nothing is easy at the start. You always feel resistant to something new.

I want you to join me on a journey from negative to positive self-talking. At first, my only concern was, why not me? If someone can do it, why not me? This kept me going in the toughest of situations.


There is no hard and fast rule to train your mind for a positive talking session but to make it easier for you, let’s go with 3Cs.

Check your self-talk

For a better transition from negative to positive self-talking, you must know how you really think about things. What people are to you? How one emotion makes you feel.

There is no need to run away from your true feelings as there is no escape to that. Isn’t it better not to wander in the same alley all over again? If you are having a problem keeping track of what you think, make notes. If you have no issues keeping track of your mind, still make notes.

They help in evaluation. I like to write about how I feel and how something made me feel and how I responded to that. It has helped me get to know myself better.

Challenge your self-talk

Well, leaving the ground is not an option. Once you are aware of your actual feelings, it becomes easy to switch. Here you have to take the control in your hands or you have a choice to be as miserable as you want. You can always miss that sunrise, you can sleep through beautiful sunsets; ask yourself – will I be getting that day again. Will I be getting this life again?

How about if I keep missing the beautiful aspects of life at the age where I could have done anything and regretting it once you are old. Make sure what you are thinking comes with evidence. If your thought has no solid base, it is nothing more than just a thought. You do not have to emphasize it. Leave it, let it be, and move on to something that brings you joy.

Change your self-talk

Trust me you do not need anything else besides this. This is the step where you make the changes, implement what you have learned about your mind and soul. One more thing, your actions and what you do significantly affect the way you think. If you are good at something, it will make you feel good, it will only bring motivation.

Push yourself a little if you have to Positive self-talk; program your mind to erase or switch all the don’ts and dos. No to a yes to Positive self-talk.

I can’t to I CAN

This is hard to “how can I make it easy”. There is no way I can do it to “there are a lot of ways I know I can do this”; if not this then that.

Hope to meet a new YOU once you are done with this book(insert a link to both depression books and course)not because you have started it, not because it is good, because YOU CAN DO IT. You have all the potential to rebuild yourself and you will do it, you have to do it. This life is beautiful, you are beautiful, and you will not be unfair to your own self and to life, ruining it for the things that never were meant to stay or are gone.


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