Making Passive Income by Selling e-books

Making Passive Income by Selling e-books

The best thing about e-books is that you can launch them today and be making money off their sales years down the line, that is the reason it’s one of the best sources of passive income. However, nowadays, many people write an e-book and launch it, but after that, they don’t put any effort into promoting it. Launching an e-book without doing any promotion is a pretty big mistake, as e-books usually have low visibility in the market. A complete book marketing effort from the writer will give the e-book a huge boost in visibility and sales. In this post, I am going to share with you some effective strategies that you can use to boost sales for your e-books and other digital products.


Making Passive Income by Selling e-books. These are the most effective tactics you can adopt to generate passive income from selling e-books. If you take these tactics, then not only will you be able to make passive income from your e-book sales, but also get the reputation of being a great e-book writer.


Run an affiliate program for your e-book

Although, if you are selling your e-book on Amazon, they do most of the promotion for you, still you need to need active promotion for your e-book to keep making sales. The first strategy you can employ is to work with affiliates; they will promote your e-book for a cut of the sale. Moreover, to set up your affiliate program, you can use various software that tracks affiliate sales.


Build an Email Marketing Funnel

To create an email marketing funnel, first of all, you need to collect email addresses for which you can use opt-in forms and dedicated landing pages. Next, you need to create segmented lists to keep engaging with your subscribers. Finally, you need to tailor a campaign based on each target audience to ensure that you are winning them over. Closing an email marketing funnel is the combination of understanding your audience and understanding your customer’s needs. These two things are the bedrock of any success with email marketing.


Blogging and Content Marketing

You can form a content marketing strategy by uploading content that is relevant to your e-book on your website. The blog posts should be relevant to the problem that your e-book is solving to ensure you target specific people who have the same problem which your e-book is solving. An effective strategy would be to start uploading content on your website before the launch of the book to keep your readers curious about your e-book. Let your readers know that the book would provide them extra information about the particular topic that you discuss in your blog post.


Offer Discounts

Lastly, if you see a decrease in sales, then offer customers some sort of discount in your e-book. People buy e-books for different reasons; however, a majority of them tend to buy them if there is a discount. Even, if there is not a discount, however, if you offer a 10% discount or even a free e-book for reviews, that will really help with increasing sales of your book. Making Passive Income by Selling e-books

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