Follow Through with Your Passion

Follow Through with Your Passion


Follow Through with Your Passion, The word passion originated from the Latin word, “pati” which means to suffer. In Christian theology, this word is used for the sacrificial suffering of martyrs. If you’re truly following through with your passion, then prepare to suffer; yes, you’ll suffer but it will be worth it in the end. The word “passion” gained popularity in the 21st century among personal development gurus who define it mostly in the context of work and associate it with success and making money. In modern terms, following your passion means learning, developing your skills, and spending your time working in the particular areas that spark your interest.


You cannot underestimate the importance of passion. If you know what you love to do and keep on doing it, then be prepared for massive success. This is because if you are genuinely interested in something, then you’ll want to be involved in it, and learn more and more about it — you’ll be attracted to that thing and will find satisfaction in doing it. Your passion will become your strength, and it will give meaning and purpose to your life. It will make you pursue something beyond yourself; you will want to use it to help other people and play your role in making the world a better place.

Icons who pursued their passion

If you study the most successful and influential people throughout history, you will come to know that all of them pursued their passion. Follow Through with Your Passion. They loved what they did. Their passion meant everything to them. Famous scientists such as Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Issac Newton; famous artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci; writers such as Shakespeare, and many other influential people — all of them followed their passion. If you look at the modern influential people in the 21st century who are changing the world for the better, such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jk Rowling, and many more, all of these people are staunch advocates of doing what you love.


Finding your passion

So, how will you find your passion? What do you need to do? Have you found what you love to do yet? Exploring your passion is the first step to living a more fulfilling life. Following are some of the suggestions that will help you find your passion:


  • Start noticing and become aware of things that you love doing. Do you love reading a particular genre of books? Do you love playing a particular sport? Do you love writing? Do you love drawing or dabbling in science? In today’s world, you’ll find endless opportunities and possibilities of making money from doing what you love.
  • What is that one thing that sparks your curiosity and interest and could spend hours reading about?
  • Try out different things and ideas


Nurturing your passion


Lastly, just uncovering your passion is not enough. Once you find your passion, you need to nurture it as well. This can be done by making the necessary changes in your life such as quitting your day job, cutting off negative people from your life who don’t support your passion, and spending hours every day to express your passion by taking part in various activities related to your passion.

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