7 Rules Of Life

7 Rules of life

7 Rules Of Life

Life can be complicated, but you can make it simpler by adopting some simple rules.  Allow me to share with you some important rules that helped shift my life. These rules ( 7 rules of life ) will assist you in making life easier and more enjoyable.


Let’s discuss how to become successful in implementing these rules in your life.


you are confined only by the walls you build yourself.

When things go wrong, don’t  go with them”



1.    Let Go Of Your Past

2.    Ignore, What People Think About You

3.    Give Time For Healing

4.    Never Compare Yourself  To Others

5.    Stop Overthinking, Stay Calm.

6.    You Are In Charge Of Your Happiness

7.    Smile


●    Let Go Of Your Past:

Make peace with your past, and be ok with releasing it. It is perfectly ok, to let go of something that doesn’t serve you peace of mind. Release It, make room for your bright future.  What you focus on the most, will grow the most.  The things you give your attention to breathe life back into just that. The more you focus on your past, the more you choose to relive it. Don’t choose hurt, but instead choose happiness.  Your past is just that, your past. You no longer live there. Don’t allow a good day to be ruined with negative thoughts of events that took place in your past. You can’t change your past days,  it is unchangeable. If you keep focusing on moving forward to the present, it will be suitable for your future.


“ It always works out in the end. “


●    Ignore, What People Think About you:

Many people are dealing with their own traumas, and that in itself leads to misjudgment of others. The most important thoughts about you should be those that you have about yourself. Your thoughts shape your reality and should be guarded at all times.  What others think is none of your business. The focus should be on your work. Give time to your Family and your Friends. Focus on your work rather than questioning yourself if others think that you are good enough.


“ Let It Go “


●    Give Time For Healing:


Healing is a process, and that process completes with time. Time itself is not enough for healing.. Time added with the right practices, and support system is enough. Three years gone by without proper practices is just three years gone. Try not to be so hard on yourself in your healing phase. The things you are healing from is enough to fight, so don’t add to it by being your worst critic. Identify exactly what it is you need to heal from, and do the work. This is the time to be honest with yourself.  Remember, as you heal you also become closer to being uncomfortable. There’s absolutely nothing comfortable about releasing past traumas.  So, as you hurt, be mindful that it’s just unreleased traumas being released. Allow me to remind you of a few things here: You got this, you are amazing, you are strong,, you are worth the fight!  Learn to create  happiness, and make your life enjoyable. Keep your life balanced and enjoy it.


“ Time (With The Right Practices) Heals Everything “


●    Never Compare Yourself to Others:

Comparison kills the joy of life. If you compare yourself with others, it will be painful for you sometimes. Every person has their niche in life, Given by God to them. Allow other’s achievements to inspire you,  but don’t allow comparison.  We all have had different opportunities in life, some more than others, but we lose an ounce of gratitude when we compare.  Make a routine to think about daily achievements of your own that you are absolutely grateful for.


“ Comparison is the thief of joy. “


●    Stop Overthinking, Stay Calm:

Don’t think about a specific thing too much. It will be harmful to you. Thinking about the past often attaches itself to depression when there’s a great deal of hurt there. The mind is tricky, it likes to work to fix things, but don’t adopt this habit. You have to allow the mind to rest, and if not you will find yourself being overwhelmed with anxiety.  Make life easy by avoiding this factor. Learning from your mistakes is a good tool for a happy life. It’s ok to think about the good things you have accomplished in your life. It’s ok to think gratitude, simply being grateful.  That feels pleasurable!


“ Give It Time “


●    You are in charge of your happiness:

Some things are in your control, and some are not. So don’t force yourself to solve all of the world’s problems. Just live your life and don’t make attention to the tensions of the world. If anything is out of your control, leave it. One thing that you are responsible for is your happiness. Don’t be so strict in life to where you’re hated, but also don’t be so easy to where you played with. Choose life, choose happiness,  and understand that you deserve it all.


“ Avoid Negative Thoughts, Situations & Peoples “


●    Smile:

Smile even when it’s tough to do so. Smile when it’s easy to do so. The rule here is to make it a habit to smile. So, as you smile with your face, remember to smile from the inside as well.  When you find it difficult to do so, just think of the things you’re grateful for. Practice saying those things out loud, and remember to smile as you’re saying them because God is listening.


“ Life is short. Enjoy it while you have it “

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